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Wine on Piedmont Clubs

Wine clubs are fantastic way to learn about new wine varieties, styles, and regions. Allow us to guide you!

We currently have three programs available: Adventurers Club, Explorers Club, and Club RM. 

The Adventurers and Explorers Clubs both offer six releases per year, arriving alternating months. Club packs are available for pick-up in-store around the 20th of each month. Upon request, and for a small additional fee, we can ship your wines directly to your home or business.  

RM Club is dedicated to sparkling wines – with a focus on grower Champagne – and releases quarterly (February, May, August & November).


Explorers’ Club

$65 per pack

4 Wines

6 per year


Adventurers’ Club

$75 per shipment

2 Wines

6 per year


Club RM

$100 per shipment

2 Sparkling Wines

4 per year


As is the case with our inventory in general, all club wines chosen will be hand-selected by our staff and will reflect a diversity of style and origin. We view it as our responsibility to provide you with the best, most interesting wines at the best available price. This is how we do things day-to-day here, and this is your opportunity to benefit even more from the meticulous, sometimes exhaustive process we engage in. We sift through hundreds of possible selections every month, it is safe to say that for every wine that “makes the cut” dozens don’t. For the most part, the selections featured in our club will be of the “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” variety, so the clubs give us a greater opportunity to make these rare and exceptional wines available to our customers.


Additionally, one of several perks we will offer our club members is the opportunity to re-purchase the featured club wines at special pricing, as dictated by supply and availability. We want to recognize and reward you for your extra support. By joining the club, you insure that you will have greater access to wines in short supply and likely heavy demand. 

The Explorers Club is focused on value, as well as making new discoveries and finding out more about what you like in wine. For those who are relatively new to wine, or those looking to diversify their wine experience, this club is ideal, not to mention that we are also offering you more Bang for the Buck.

The Adventurers Club is tailored for those who are more adventurous in their wine choices, and want to pursue their palate development accordingly. This club will focus on hard-to-acquire and a bit more esoteric selections, as well as seeking out the crème de la crème of hot new producers and regions.

RM Club The term RM, short for Récoltant-Manipulant, appears on the back labels of grower Champagne, champagne made by independent vignerons who make wine exclusively from their own vineyards, under their own label. These wines are more site-expressive than those from large houses or “Négociant-Manipulants” (NMs) that blend fruit from up to thousands of growers throughout the region to make a consistent house style. Each club pack will feature two wines: typically a Grower Champagne, alongside a second sparkling wine of champagne quality from elsewhere in the world.