Wine on Piedmont
4183 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, California 94611


'Melange Biologique" Weekend Wine Tasting
8/27/2016 9:00:00 PM UTC - 8/29/2016 12:00:00 AM UTC
4183 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, California, 94611
School is in session, not only for the kiddos! Educate yourself on some 'lesser' recognized, yet equally enticing natural French wines (don't worry, we included a Chablis to keep things steady). A  Pinot Noir from Alsace? A white Bordeaux blend? Correct! What an awesome way to study.
2015 Chateau Sainte-Marie              
Entre Deux Mers                      
Sauv. Blanc/Semillon/Muscadelle  
Bordeaux, France

2014 Domine Barat                
Chablis, Burgundy, France

2012 Jean-Baptiste Adam
Pinot Noir, Alsace, France

2013 Domaine de Brin 'Vendemia',
Duras/Merlot, Gaillac, France