Wine on Piedmont
4183 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, California 94611


Friday Nite Tasting 'Magnum Opus'
4/29/2017 12:00:00 AM UTC - 4/29/2017 2:00:00 AM UTC
4183 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, California, 94611
Bigger is better, at least in terms of this Friday’s line-up, and we promise these claims are not just our inflated opinions. There is something special that happens when wine ages, it develops flavor and character through microscopic amounts of oxygen seeping in through cork, oak and even non-cork closures. Winemakers bank on it. Yet, sometimes it is the freshness and youthfulness that we seek. As such, we are showing how to find the “fountain of youth” in your favorite wine…buy it in magnums! Because the amount of “unexposed” wine far outnumbers the amount of “exposed” wine in larger format bottles, you can hold these treasures for even longer than their 750ml counterparts. So if you are a collector, self-controlled, or simply like a showy display of your wine savvy, you will not want to miss this educational walk-through of our favorite “biggies”. We used to drink wine from only 750's, now we sip magnums when we’re thirsty!

NV Allimant Laugnier 
Cremant d'Alsace Rose
Alsace, France

2012 Famille Perrin 
Cotes du Rhone (Blanc) Reserve
Rhone, France

2013 Miraval 
Cotes du Provence Rose
Provence, France

2015 Antoine Sunier 
Beaujolais, France