Wine on Piedmont
4183 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, California 94611


Weekend Wine TastingĀ 'Adatto per le Feste'
12/3/2016 10:00:00 PM UTC - 12/4/2016 1:00:00 PM UTC
4183 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, California, 94611
December is THE month to celebrate with friends and family, and Italy has always provided a great example of how to party in-style. The following pleasurable wine selections are cuisine and palate friendly examples--great to have on hand to serve at your event, or gift to a friend or loved one. We have a very special selection in this line-up that you do not want to miss...see if you can guess?

2015 Laila
Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi
Marches, Italy

2014 Le Monde
Friuli Grave, Italy

2014 Anna Maria Abbona
Dogliani, Italy

2010 Brunelli
'Brunello di Montalcino'
Tuscany , Italy